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MIDI Club is excited to announce its first hardware product, the JunoCTRL. This specialized MIDI controller is the most comprehensive and affordable way to unleash the full potential of five of the best Polyphonic Analog Roland Synthesizers: The Alpha Juno 1, Alpha Juno 2, MKS-50, HS-10, and HS-80.
The JunoCtrl has all of the same features of the Roland PG-300 and more, allowing more complete integration of your synthesizer and DAW/Sequencer.



  • 29 Potentiometers, 6 rotary switches and 1 button control all synthesizer parameters
  • MIDI In port allows passthrough of all MIDI messages to the synthesizer
  • Three modes of operation:
    • CTRL Mode: Conventional synthesizer control as well as built-in CC conversion allowing synthesizer parameters to be controlled by almost any DAW/sequencer through CC messages
    • CC Mode: JunoCtrl functions as a generic MIDI controller, sending out CC messages over MIDI to control any hardware/software device or any DAW/Sequencer
    • DUAL mode: Conventional synthesizer control coupled with CC output and conversion, allowing DAW/sequencer to receive, record and playback physical knob manipulation in real time
  • For all modes, CC messages and channels are fully assignable
  • Chord Memory with 8 assignable chords
  • Snapshot and Snapshot Trigger functions allows for all parameters or a specific set of parameters to be updated simultaneously

For a more detailed breakdown of features and functionality, please have a look at the manual.

A North American Power Adapter is included with the JunoCtrl, and is rated for operation for 100-240v. If you live outside North America, a physical plug adapter may be required but no voltage conversion is necessary.

The JunoCTRL is assembled by hand and ships from Vancouver, Canada. Each unit is rigorously tested and includes a 1 year warranty for defects in parts or labour.


Current JunoCTRL price: $255 USD.  Shipping is free to Canada and the USA (4-7 business days). International shipping is a flate rate of $30 USD (6-10 business days, or longer if the item gets held up in customs). Please select the appropriate option from the drop-down box below. All shipping options include tracking.
Please contact us if you’d like faster shipping options.


August 1st, 2018. 

New JunoCTRL units will be ready sometime in September or October 2018.  We apologize for the ephemeral nature in which this product has always been available and then often out of stock.  The reason for this has usually been attributed to the JunoCTRL’s enclosure which we make ourselves.  The process involves first ordering raw sheets of acrylic from our plastic supplier, then having the graphics UV printed on them at a printing house, and then finally having another company laser cut the panels.  It is a rather time consuming process and since there are 3 different companies handling different aspects of the enclosure, that’s 3 times the chance errors can be made along the way.  We finally decided to just re-design the case so it could be built, printed and milled all by one company.  The design is complete and we are just waiting for the test case to be shipped to us so we can make sure we’re happy with it.  Another benefit of the new case is that instead of acrylic they will be aluminium, which means the JunoCTRL will be a lot sturdier. There is no wait list for the next batch of the JunoCTRL.  I will announce on our facebook page as well as send out an email newsletter one week before I open the webstore. Thanks again for all of your continued interest in our product.

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