MIDI Club is based in Vancouver, Canada.  We make hardware and tools for electronic music production. Our first product is the JunoCTRL, a specialized MIDI controller for the Roland Alpha Juno series of analog synthesizers.


DSC_7502Dylan Morrison is an electronic music producer and is into hardware prototyping. Heavily interested in experimental dance and electronic music and is currently developing an insatiable hunger for vintage synthesizers and gear.

Favorite production tools: Ableton Live, MKS-50, JX-3P, Kawai SX-210, TX81z, D16’s LuSH-101 and effect plugins, Native Instrument’s Monark, and the Boss Dr-660.




DSC_7521Silviu Toderita is a musician and hardware designer. He’s been fascinated with the idea of creating his own tools for music production for a while, and sometimes he even makes music too. When not working on electronic music or music gear, he can be found riding his bike to far away places or programming predictive algorithms.

Favorite production tools: Ableton Live, Roland Alpha Juno 2, Mutable Instruments Ambika, u-he Diva